These Terms & Conditions (referred to herein as the 'Terms & Conditions' or this 'Agreement') constitute a legal agreement between you (referred to herein as the 'User' or 'Get-Aid Ltd. customer' or 'YOUR Campus customer') and Get-Aid Ltd. (referred to herein as ' Get-Aid Ltd.' or 'YOUR Campus'). These Terms & Conditions are supplementary to the Terms & Conditions mentioned in the Customer KYC (Know Your Customer). By using the YOUR Campus App, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions, which govern your relationship with Get-Aid Ltd. regarding the YOUR Campus App. Please carefully read and accept these Terms & Conditions before using the YOUR Campus App. If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms & Conditions, you will not be able to access or use any services through the YOUR Campus App. If you use this App in a manner inconsistent with these Terms & Conditions, Get-Aid Ltd. may block your access to the App, suspend your account, or take any other necessary steps as the circumstances of your misuse require.

YOUR Offers

A. Order Status in Brief:

  1. Order Generated: After you Generate an Order, YOUR Offers will check the stock and other parameters to Process the Order. Our executives may contact you to verify and assess the orders generated. “Order Generated” doesn’t mean YOUR Offers is obligated to deliver the product.
  2. Processing: Based on the assessment and stock availability, we start processing the order. Order status “Processing” means your order is confirmed from our end. Usually, you need to “Confirm Order” by paying our Platform Charge to get the product shipped. But sometimes based on the assessment and available stock quantity we make the shipment without waiting for your confirmation (ex-i). In such cases you can pay the Platform Charge online while/before receiving the product. Please note that we collect the platform charge via online payment only.
  3. Order Confirmed: When you “Confirm” the order on the App, the order status gets “Order Confirmed”.
  4. Shipped: After we dispatch the product from our end, the order status is changed to “Shipped”.
  5. Ready for Collection: “Ready for Collection” means your ordered product is available at your selected “Collection Point” for collection. You can collect the product within 7 days from there during the available time and make the payment by cash while collecting the product.
  6. Delivered: The order status is changed to Delivered after you Receive & Accept the product.
  7. Register for Insurance: After the successful delivery of the product if you meet the minimum purchase amount, you will see a “Register for Insurance” button in the Insurance homepage. Once you filled the form you will be entitled for One Year Life Insurance.
  8. Cancelled: If your order is canceled for any reason, the order status is Cancelled. Due to any order cancellation from our end you will be contacted by our Customer Support.

B. Order:

  1. A user can Generate a single quantity of product per order. But if you generate multiple order at single Collection Point/Delivery Address, single Handover/Delivery Charge (if any) will be applied and will be adjusted accordingly.
  2. Before the order generation, the user must select Delivery Method; the user also needs to select “Collection Point Name” or provide the proper Delivery Address. The Delivery Method and Collection Point can’t be changed once the order is generated. But user may request to modify it to our customer care.
  3. Once an order is generated by the user, it will be in the “Order Generated” stage. After checking the stock availability, YOUR Offers team will process the order.
  4. To reconfirm the order, when the order status is changed to “Processing”, the user can confirm the order.
  5. An order can be canceled until the order is Shipped. To cancel the order, the customer has to contact YOUR Offers Customer Support during the working hours.

C. Payment:

  1. You can pay the price of the product in cash after you Receive & Accept the product. Please check the product and then make the payment then.
  2. You have to pay the Platform Charge and Handover Charge (if any) online via our App when you confirm the order on our App.
  3. In some special cases, YOUR Offers may request for advance payment for re-confirmation.

D. Product:

  1. YOUR Offers sells only 100% authentic products from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the products for most of it’s categories. If you feel to check the authenticity of the product, you can request through our customer care.
  2. YOUR Offers always tries to show appropriate information and picture of the products. But due to your device’s settings, configuration or technical issues, product may show the different color, size of the products than the actual.
  3. YOUR Offers reserves the legitimate right to sell any product to any specific location, area, person or group of people abiding the law of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.
  4. YOUR Offers can discontinue any product anytime from its platform without any prior notification to the customers.

E. Product Availability & Pricing:

  1. YOUR Offers has the right to set the price within the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of the product. But YOU Offers is committed to sell the products at the Possible Best Price, because we just add a small margin after covering the COGS.
  2. YOUR Offers can change the product price anytime without prior notification to the customers. But the change in price will not affect the orders those are already being placed.
  3. Prices shown on the App are inclusive of VAT.
  4. If the price of any product is shown significantly lower than the actual price it can be assumed that its been entered by mistake, YOUR Offers can decide not to Process the order by informing the ordered. For example: The price of a TV is BDT 40,000 but mistakenly it is showing BDT 4,000, in such cases we will contact the orderer to inform about the unintentional mistake within 72 hours’ time.
  5. Products shown on the App are subjected to the availability of OEM’s stock. After you Generate an order, we will recheck the stock and if the stock is available, we will Process your order otherwise we will contact you regarding the stock issue. If you are interested, we may offer you to choose other available products within the range.
  6. Generating Order doesn’t mean YOUR Offers is obligated to deliver the product. After checking the availability of stock and based on the delivery area YOUR Offers may decide not to process any order without providing any explanation to the customer. Even for the Processed Orders due to any unexpected and unavoidable circumstances, YOUR Offer can cancel the order informing the orderer accordingly.

F. Voucher:

  1. There are two types of Vouchers YOUR Offers is offering. One is the Checkout Voucher another one is Promotional/Gift Voucher.
  2. The Check Out voucher shown in the product page will be applied automatically during Checkout and it can’t be used for another order.
  3. The Promotional/Gift Vouchers are offer to some customers. The details terms & conditions are shown on those vouchers.
  4. The code of the Promotional/Reward Voucher can be used only once. If you share your code and it is used once by you or anyone, you can’t use that further. YOUR Offers will not be responsible in that case.
  5. Multiple Promotional/Gift vouchers are not applicable for a single order.
  6. A Promotional/Gift Voucher can’t be used for more than a single order.
  7. No new voucher will be issued for the unused/expired voucher.
  8. The equivalent amount or the Gift/Reward voucher will not be refunded on returns of the products.
  9. YOUR Offers can change the Terms & Conditions of Voucher from time to time, user should check the existing policy before applying the voucher.

G. Delivery:

  1. YOUR Campus arrange to deliver the goods to its customers in two different ways. One is PNP, means Customer has to Collect the product from our designated Collection Point which he chose during Generating the order. Other one is Home Delivery, means Customer shall enter his/her Delivery Adress during Generating the Order. Based on the Product Category, YOUR Offers designate the Delivery Method either PNP or Home Delivery or both.
  2. We deliver products to all possible areas of Bangladesh.
  3. Possible Delivery Method of any specific product is mentioned along with the product information.
  4. Delivery Timeline: Inside Dhaka city, usually it takes 2-3 days for both Pick & Pay (PnP) & Home Delivery; Outside Dhaka city, usually it takes 3-5 days for both Pick & Pay (PnP) & Home Delivery. But due to some unavoidable circumstances the delivery time can be varied from the specified timeline.
  5. For Pick & Pay (PnP) Delivery Method, the customer has to collect the product from the Collection Point he/she chose while Generating the Order.
  6. Estimated Delivery Date can be checked from the Order Status section of our App. One can also communicate through our customer support.
  7. The customer has to collect the product from our Collection Point within 7 days after the order is Ready for Collection. If not collected within this time, the product will be returned from the Collection Point.
  8. When the order is “Shipped/Ready for Collection,” the user will be notified by SMS.
  9. When receiving the product, please check the product carefully whether there is any damage, defects or malfunctioning issues in the product. If any damage, defect or malfunctioning is found, simply don’t receive the product.
  10. Any damage, defect or malfunctioning identified after receiving the product will be treated as per the OEM Warranty Policy.

H. Return & Refund:

  1. To avoid the complicacy of return and refund for both ends, please check the product carefully whether there is any damage, defect or malfunction before receiving the product.
  2. To return any product the below-mentioned Terms & Conditions must be fulfilled. Before initiating any return, please read the Terms and Conditions with care.
    • Wrong Product: If you find the product is wrong which can be identified without unboxing, please return the product in unbroken seal. In such cases product can’t be returned if the seal is broken.
    • Unsealed Packaging/Box: If the packaging or box in not in sealed and intact condition, immediately return the product to the Collection Point/Delivery Representative.
    • Damage & Defect: If the product you receive is the one which you have ordered, please Unbox the product in front of the Collection Point/Delivery Representative. After checking if you find the product is physically Damaged or Defective, return the product instantly to the Collection Point/Delivery Representative with the original Packaging, Warranty Card, User Manual and Tag. The Collection Point/Delivery Representative may take a video of unboxing for facilitating the smoother return in case of internal damages & defects.
    • Change of Mind: If you don’t want to receive the product, return the product to the Collection Point/Delivery Representative in sealed and intact condition. Please keep in mind that we do not take any advance payment thus we really do not wish to take any return due to your change of mind. If this happens more than once with any specific user, we may decide not to process his further orders until he/she make the payment in advance.
    • Doesn’t Match with Description: If the product doesn’t match with the provided information, return the product to the Collection Point/Delivery Representative in sealed and intact condition.
    • Missing Item: If you find that you didn’t get all of the items as mentioned in the “What’s in the box,” return the product to the Collection Point/Delivery Representative with the original Packaging, Warranty Card, User Manual and Tag. But you must check the product in front of the Collection Point/Delivery Representative.
  3. We start the refund the process after we receive the returned product.
  4. Refund amount will include the actual paid amount only.
  5. Refund Timeline:
    • Refund may take 3-5 days based on the location of delivery and the payment methods used while paying the Platform Charge & Product Price.
    • For card payment it may take up to 7-10 working days to reflect the refund to your account.
  6. Equivalent amount for voucher or discount is not refundable.

I. Warranty & After Sales Service:

  1. Most of our products are under Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Warranty Policy.
  2. To check the Warranty Availability of any product, please check the Warranty Section of the product or from the corresponding OEM’s website.
  3. The OEM or it’s Representative of the product will ensure the warranty as mentioned in the Warranty Policy. YOUR Offers is not responsible or engaged in providing any kind of warranty for the product.
  4. Installations of products for the applicable cases will be performed by the OEM Representative. The concerned representative will contact you after we deliver the product. Installation charge might be applied based on the product’s category, location, required accessories or vendor’s policy etc. For details please check the terms & conditions in the product section.
  5. If you don’t get enough support from the OEM representative, you can contact YOUR Offers Customer Support, we will try our best to facilitate and expedite the installation.

J. Free Insurance:

  1. As a token of our care for our customers, we offer free Life Insurance Coverage against a minimum amount of one-time purchase/cumulative purchase amount by any user which is given below:
  2. table image
  3. The validity of the insurance coverage is one year after completing the registration (which you can perform only after the successful delivery) by providing all the necessary information.
  4. The age of the customer to be insured must be 18-45 years. Customers aged under 18 or higher than 45 years, will not be eligible for the insurance coverage. He/she can offer the insurance to anyone he/she wants within 18-45 years of age.
  5. If a customer purchases a new product eligible for Free Life Insurance Coverage while already holding an existing policy, he/she will receive an additional Free Life Insurance policy but the cumulative Accidental Death Coverage won’t not exceed BDT 1,000,000.
  6. To enroll with the Free Life Insurance, the customer has to fill up the required form on our App with accurate and proper information. If any false or misleading information is found after the policy enrollment, the insurance authority may cancel the policy of that specific user.
  7. The customer can offer his/her Free Life Insurance to anyone he wants aged 18-45 years.
  8. A customer can accumulate his/her spending amount and register for Free Life Insurance whenever he wants.
  9. If a customer eligible for Free Life Insurance doesn't Register Now, they have the option to register for a policy matching their total spending amount. But if he/she register for now, he/she will get the Free Insurance policy eligible for further purchase. For example: If you don’t register for the Policy B coverage after spending BDT 30,000 and spend BDT 20,000 later, you can register later with Policy C coverage which is eligible for your cumulative spending of BDT 50,000. But if you register now for Policy B, you will get a Policy A coverage on your later BDT 20,000 spending.
  10. The Free Life Insurance is a joint product of YOUR Campus and Akij Takaful Life Insurance PLC. But Akij Takaful Life Insurance PLC is solely responsible for the claim settlement. YOUR Campus is not involved in the claim settlement process.
  11. This Free Life Insurance does not cover and no payment shall be made in respect to any loss caused by or resulting from:
    • Intentionally self-inflicted injury, suicide or any attempt threat while sane or insane;
    • War, invasion, act to foreign enemy, hostilities or war like operations (whether war be declared or not), mutiny, riot, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrections; acts of terrorism, shelling, snipping, ambushes and all acts of similar nature; or any period the Insured is serving the Armed Forces of any country whether in peace or war;
    • Murder or assault;
    • Congenital anomalies and conditions arising out of or resulting there from;
    • Bacterial infections (except pyogenic infections which shall occur through an accidental cut or wound) or any other kind of disease;
    • Medical or surgical treatment except as may be necessary solely as a result of Injury;
    • Medical or surgical treatment except as may be necessary solely as a result of Injury;
    • Dental care or surgery except to sound natural teeth as occasioned by Injury;
    • Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS);
    • Pre-existing conditions;
    • Any bodily injury which shall result in hernia;
    • Participation in competitions, races, contests, matches in land, air or sea; mountain climbing, pot holing, paragliding, bungee jumping, parachuting or scuba diving;
    • Flying in an aircraft or device for aerial navigation except as a fare paying passenger on a certified passenger aircraft provided by a commercial airline and operated by a properly certified pilot flying between duly established and maintained airports.
  12. Claim Process:
  13. To claim the coverage amount, a request must be made by filling the claim form on our App.

    Claim Timeline:

    Natural Death & Accidental Death: In the event of Natural Death and Accidental Death of an Insured, the claim needs to be made by the nominee as soon as possible but not exceeding 90 (Ninety) days from the date of Natural Death and Accidental Death.

    Accidental Medical Reimbursement: The insured or his/her nominated person should fill up the Claim Form within 4 (Four) weeks after discharge from the Hospital/Clinic.

    Required Documents:

    Natural Deaths:

    1. Copy of national identification card (NID) of the Nominee;
    2. Original or attested photocopy of death certificate from the Hospital and/or from Doctor
    3. Death Registration Certificate issued by municipal body
    4. Treatment record of deceased Insured prior to death (if any).

    Accidental Death:

    1. Copy of national identification card (NID) of the Nominee;
    2. Original or attested photocopy of death certificate from the Hospital and/or from Doctor
    3. Death Registration Certificate issued by municipal body
    4. Copy of FIR/GD, Inquest Report and Post mortem report (if post mortem report in unavailable, Magistrate’s or Officer-in-Charge’s permission to conduct burial without post-mortem);
    5. Treatment record of deceased Insured prior to death (if any).

    Accidental Medical Reimbursement:

    1. Images of Accidental Proof
    2. Consultant’s recommendation for Hospitalization (attested photocopy);
    3. Discharge Certificate (attested photocopy);
    4. A copy of the patient’s file while hospitalized;
    5. Original, software generated (if available) and itemized bills / receipts of all relevant expenses, including but not limited to, hospital accommodation, medicines, consultation fees, investigations, procedures, surgery, any medical or surgical items along with their requisition slip.

YOUR Laundry

A. Wash Package:

To use YOUR Laundry service, the user must purchase Wash Package in our App. YOUR Campus reserves the exclusive right to determine the prices of the Wash Packages. The prices of the Wash Packages are denoted in terms of credits, with each credit equivalent to BDT 1. Upon adding credit to the YOUR Campus App, it shall be construed as a purchase of services provided by YOUR Campus. The credit added to the YOUR Campus App is exclusively intended for utilization in acquiring services solely from YOUR Campus.

B. Return & Refund:

Any Wash Package purchased on the App is not return & refundable unless until due any unavoidable circumstances YOUR Campus failed to provide service of his/her designated dormitory/location. However, in certain cases, YOUR Campus may accept return & refund request for YOUR Laundry Wash Package if it deems the circumstances logical, valid, and appropriate within 3-5 days of receiving the request from the customer. In such cases the return or refund will be performed following the purchasing method.

C. Reservation:

Before washing clothes on YOUR Laundry, a user must book his/her schedule on the App. A customer can choose his/her preferred schedule from the available slots of the machine, but he/she has to book the schedule at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time. If a customer needs to cancel the Reservation, he/she can cancel the Reservation on the App. In the case of any unavoidable circumstances, YOUR Campus may decide to cancel the reservation informing the customer before the scheduled time.

D. Terms & Conditions for Reservation Cancellation:

  1. No charges will apply if the cancellation is made at least 6 hours before the scheduled washing time.
  2. If a user cancels the wash schedule within 0-6 hours of the scheduled time, 5 credits (equivalent to BDT 5) will be charged as penalty from his/her account.
  3. No fees will be charged as penalty if the wash schedule is booked within 6 hours prior to the wash time and canceled within 10 minutes of placing the booking.
  4. If any reservation is cancelled by YOUR Campus, no penalty will be applied.
  5. In case of reservation cancellation, the Wash Package will be returned to the user’s account.

E. Wash:

A user can start wash only when he/she has a scheduled Reservation on YOUR Campus App. The user can start the wash 15 minutes before/after the scheduled time. For example: If you have a reservation at 9:00 PM, you can start the wash from 8:45 PM to 9:15 PM.

  1. If the booking is missed or not started within the above-mentioned time, a penalty of 5 credit will be charged but the Wash Package will be returned to the user’s account.
  2. But if the above-mentioned circumstances happen due to technical error, YOUR Campus will not charge any penalty.
  3. The user must collect the washed clothes once the wash is complete. The maximum time of collection is up to the reserved scheduled time. For example: You reserved a schedule from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM, you must collect the clothes within this timeframe.

F. Responsibility

YOUR Laundry is not responsible for any damage or risk due to user's mishandling of the machine. YOUR Laundry shall not be responsible for any damage caused to clothes due to the wrong selection of 'Wash Type' for example, not using Delicate mode for delicate fabrics (Like silk, chiffon type fabrics) can cause damage. YOUR Laundry will not be responsible for any loss or theft of clothes from the machine.


A. Product & Pricing:

YOUR Campus can sell any products on the Vending Machines that are allowed in the country. YOUR Campus won’t set product price that exceeds the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) set by the manufacturer or the importer of the products. But YOUR Campus may offers discount from time to time. Price of the products are denoted in terms of Tk on the machines.

B. Payment:

After selecting the product from the screen/App, the user has to make the payment by choosing the purchase options- MFS, Card, YOUR Campus App on Cash (available in a few machines).

C. Delivery/Dispensation:

Once the payment is successfully made by the customers, the product will be dispensed immediately in the bottom section of the machine. The user has to collect the product from there.

D. Return & Refund:

Vending Machine products are non-return/non-refundable unless there is an error in the product's condition or expiration date. In such cases, the customer should inform YOUR Campus customer care and follow their instructions. If the product is not dispensed after the payment, the paid amount will be refunded. The refund processing time depends on the payment method: 24 hours for cash payment, 72 hours for bKash, 7-12 days for SSL Commerz (card, internet banking, and other mobile banking except NAGAD), and instant refund for NAGAD and YOUR Campus App purchase.

E. Responsibility:

YOUR Shop will not be responsible for any damage or risk occurrence for mishandling of the machine by the user. It’s users responsibility to collect product from the machine after the dispensation. If the user doesn’t collect the dispensed product from the machine, YOUR Shop will not be responsible for that.

General Terms

A. Product & Pricing:

YOUR Campus ensures 24/7 customer service to offer uninterrupted and convenient assistance to its customers. Customers can contact YOUR Campus call center or email for customer service support. However, customer care support time may vary for specific services, and YOUR Campus will inform the customer beforehand regarding service availability.

B. Presentation and Guarantee:

YOUR Campus provides a guarantee only for its own products or services presented. YOUR Campus doesn't provide any Presentation or Guarantee regarding some specific aspects like quality, performance, feature of the products or services manufactured/supplied by third parties.

C. Continuation:

If it deems any false, inappropriate or misleading information is provided by the customer on YOUR Campus platform, YOUR Campus may decide not to serve that specific customer with any prior notification.

D. Customer Contact:

YOUR Campus maintains contact with customers through various channels, including a Facebook page, SMS, What’s App, email, and mobile calls.